Your First Indian Wedding (A Poem)


Is this your first shaadi?

Your first Indian nuptials?

Well, sit back and relax

With happy thoughts for the couple.


A horse might carry

The groom to his bride;

With his nephew or male cousin

Also astride.


This procession is called

The baraat;

Quiet and tame?

It is not.


The music will be lively,

The clothes will be bright.

Expect lots of dancing

To your left and your right.


After the groom’s entrance

The bride’s parents he will greet –

Do not be surprised

If he touches their feet.


These future in-laws,

With a hug and a kiss,

Will shower the groom with garlands

And perhaps some small gifts.


After he enters,

The groom will await

As his beautiful bride

Steps toward her mate.


The bride may enter walking

With her uncle or father;

But instead she may be

Carried by her cousin and brother.


There may be a cloth

Held ‘tween the two lovers

To enhance their excitement

And amuse all the others.


The ceremony may last

An hour or two.

Don’t feel bad if

You have to run to the loo.

(There may be snacks and tea, too!)


As she leaves,

The bride might throw rice

(At her mother, behind her).

The sentiment is nice.


After the wedding

Get ready to dance:

Shake your hips,

And clap your hands!