Mind the Guests

Indian weddings are typically multi-day affairs with many events and gatherings. This means a lot of fun for guests, but can also be quite exhausting. Getting from one event to another, wearing the right outfits, late nights—it can all add up to very tired guests! Make sure you plan your event with your guests in mind to make sure they are happy, well-fed, and well-informed at all times. One of the worst wedding experiences we’ve ever had was finding ourselves (and the rest of the invited guests) between events with no clue as to what was to come next, no food or drink to keep our energy up, and no one from the host families in sight. People got mad! Here are some suggestions for ensuring that your guests have a great time throughout your wedding weekend:

  1. Assign 5 – 6 family or wedding party members to fan out before and after each event to inform guests about where they need to be and at what time.
  2. Have snacks and drinks available during and after every event, and let your guests know where they can find them.
  3. Send out email updates during the wedding with reminders and helpful information.
  4. Try to plan events so that there is sufficient time in between for guests to rest or change clothes.
  5. Try not to require early morning attendance at any events—even if there is nothing official scheduled the night before, you can count on guests (especially younger guests) staying out late!
  6. Don’t forget the vegetarians!