Churis vs. Bangles

If you stumbled onto this page looking for a bang-up chimichurri recipe, then you might want to turn around. Rachael Ray has a good one.
This post is about bangles. Also known as churis. In some cases called churas. Or even chudas.
You might even know them as bracelets.
Churis can be made of many different materials — glass, metal, plastic, you name it — and are meant to be worn in multiples. This is the inspiration for the Man Repeller arm party, and we know how to do it big. But when wearing real gold or silver churis, it’s okay to limit yourself to just a few (unless you want to wear more!!).
Most women will match their bangles to their outfit, but in some cases you might consider wearing a contrasting color or sticking to metallics just for fun. Wear them on both arms, or stack them miles long on just one arm. No matter what, make sure they clink nicely — half the fun of bhangra is the sound of your bangles dancing along with the music, too!
You can buy churis at most Indian stores, and sometimes even at Indian grocery stores. And duh, you can find them online: