What to Wear to an Indian Wedding (Gents)

So you’ve been invited to your first Indian wedding! First things first: don’t worry, at most Indian weddings there is definitely alcohol served at most or all events, it is usually an open bar, and there is no taboo against getting a little tipsy and, perhaps, dancing until you’ve got dark, deep sweat stains. So get excited!

Since you’re reading this post, however, you’re a little worried that you’re going to have to drop some dough on formal Indian attire about which you know NOT THE FIRST THING. Not to worry.

The great thing about Indian weddings in the U.S. is that there really isn’t much of a dress code for guys. You could wear a suit to every event (and, oh, there are many events) and no one would bat an eye…but you could also wear slacks and a nice shirt to every event and no one would bat an eye. The key, honestly, is comfort: you’ll be sitting or standing through several events over multiple days, some held outdoors and/or with dancing strongly encouraged, so make sure you wear something that isn’t too constricting or hot.

If you really want to get into the act, though, you can purchase a simple kurta pyjama (choose from an almost infinite selection of styles and colors!) that can be worn to any or all of the weekend’s events. You’ll be sure to get a few compliments from the Indian aunties in attendance.