Is it “Zari” or “Jari?”

You might have noticed that Indian people tend to interchange a few consonants for one another. The one you probably know best is the tendency to say “w” for “v,” and vice-versa (or wice-wersa?). The worst perpetrators can’t successfully say “Vanna White.” You might also have noticed that some people say “sh” instead of “s” (or “s” instead of “sh”).
Another common switcheroo is “j” for “z” — and “z” for “j.” Hence the eternal, truly unsettled question: is it “jari” or “zari?”
I’m going to make a pronouncement. It is, once and for all, ZARI. Zed. Zee. Z. Regardless of how you spell it, please pronounce it with a “z!”
And now for the definition: Zari is the intricate metalwork you find on Indian outfits. It may be silver or gold in color, and in some cases it may actually be made using silver and gold in the embroidery. It is difficult to make and beautiful to see. So go on ladies, zari yourselves!