Add a Touch of DIY to Your Shaadi

Let’s face it: big, traditional Indian weddings are expensive, elaborate affairs. You’re not catering a three-day cultural and social event for 250 of your closest family and friends without spending a pretty penny. But in this age of DIY, we all have the urge to add a touch of ourselves to our weddings.
How do you do that when you’re coordinating so many other things? The trick is to do only as much as you’re able, and not to be too hard on yourself if something you planned to do has to be outsourced instead. This is the time to capitalize on your strengths and know yourself. If you’re a top-notch seamstress or professional-level hand letterer, use those skills! If you would rather die than use a glue gun, don’t force it. This is your wedding, your moment — make it enjoyable instead of stressful.
Now for some ideas! 

If you love to sew or cross-stitch:
  • Homemade sleep masks for your bridesmaids
  • Personalized pocket squares or handkerchiefs for your groomsmen
  • Silk ties for your wedding party made from an old sari
  • Headbands for your flower girls made from an old sari or the unused sleeves of one of your sleeveless choli tops
  • Favor bags for your reception, made from old saris or inexpensive fabric from the fabric store (fill with edible treats!)
If you have a way with a glue gun and spray paint:
  • Assemble centerpieces that match your theme, make your wedding unique, and don’t break the bank – consider a combination of any (or all) of these: fake flowers, candle holders, plastic trinkets spray painted gold or silver (miniature animal kids’ toys, tiny drums, or bells are good examples), mirrors, and of course mason jars.
  • Make your own cake topper! Use sculpting clay that sets in the oven, or break out that glue gun again for something unique and special to you.
  • Create your own envelope box (for all the cash you’ll get, even if you don’t specify “no boxed gifts”).
  • Decorate thalis or baskets for your bridal party to carry as they enter your ceremony
  • Use those old saris and brass/silver figurines floating around your parents’ house to decorate for your mehndi party
If you (or a friend) like to doodle:
  • Ask a friend to do henna for you or your guests (henna cones can be found online or at your local Indian store)
  • Design your wedding printables (program, save the date, invitation, guest hotel welcome bags, table numbers, escort cards)
If you’re not afraid of power tools:
The sky is the limit! Do you have other ideas for how to DIY an Indian wedding?
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