Bridesmaid Proposal

Gift giving is my love language. I love giving gifts more than I love receiving them, and I love the excitement of watching a friend or loved one open a gift that I have carefully researched and sourced just for them.

Weddings are typically about gifts for the married couple, but in these modern times, why shouldn’t the engaged couple get to give a few gifts of their own? One trend I have fallen in love with is the bridesmaid proposal: when a bride asks her best girlfriends to stand by her side as she commits herself to her future spouse. Of course, you could do so with a simple email, or you could turn it into something fun!

Below are a few of our favorite ideas for how to “propose” to your ‘maids:

Champagne flutes celebrate the occasion and provide a great photo opportunity if bridesmaids bring them to the wedding!

Tie the knot with your girls at your side, sporting matching knot bracelets (also available in silver).