Ideas for the Baraat (Arrival of the Groom)

The baraat is the symbolic arrival of the groom from his hometown to the site of the wedding. It occurs on wedding day just prior to the wedding ceremony itself. The groom traditionally arrives on horseback, but grooms today are choosing different modes of transportation more in line with their personal style. Consider some of these ideas for your grand entrance:

  1. Go big! Arriving on a elephant will be a moment to remember
  2. Rent an exotic or antique car
  3. Hire a professional dance group to accompany you (even better if you can join them for a routine!)
  4. Go green: environmentally conscious grooms can still arrive in style on a blinged-out cruiser bike
  5. Surprise everyone with a flash mob!
  6. Get loud! Hire a local motorcycle club to escort you to the venue

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