Sunday Links – March 12

Norm Kelly’s theory is that Mondays ruin Sundays. Let’s not let that happen today, eh? And now, for your links:

Looking for inspiration for how to style your hair (or your bridesmaids’ hair, or your mom’s hair, or . . . you get the picture) for your wedding? The UK blog Wedding and Wedding Flowers has gathered the best looks from Pinterest to aid in your search. The best part? There are hairstyles specifically for Indian weddings — tikkas and all!

We are huge fans of hosting mehndi parties at home, partly as a way of keeping costs down and partly because it’s nice to be at home, surrounded by your family and friends, just before the chaos of your wedding. Mother Nature can help you decorate: push your henna event into the great outdoors! Put some tikki torches on the lawn and light all of the diyas that your parents have been hoarding for the past 30 years. The final touch? Buy a few inexpensive, brightly patterned rugs to throw on the lawn, and toss some comfy throw pillows on top. It’s chic and opulent, like you’re going to a Kardashian lawn party.

Thinking of having a beach wedding? Martha’s got some inspo for you. We love the island-inspired boutonniere and sea glass cake!

Lastly, let’s all agree that it’s time to retire the word “Bridezilla.”  Either that, or we need to start calling men Groomzillas as well.