Wedding Registry: Indian Style

So you’ve decided that the “No Boxed Gifts” route isn’t for you. You won’t say no to cash, but you want boxed gifts, too. Yay! Registering for presents is fun. Here are your options:
Go to a physical store. Set up a gift registry. Like that scene from 27 Dresses, in most cases you’ll be handed a scanning device and given free reign of the store. You walk around and pick out pretty things that you want in your home. You scan them. The scanner compiles a list for you. It is awesome. Some of our favorite bricks-and-mortar store spots to register are: Bed Bath & BeyondMacy’sCrate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn. But we also like supporting local businesses! Do any boutiques in your town offer wedding registries, or at least sell gift cards? It never hurts to ask!
Go online. If you’re anything like us, Amazon runs your life. (Note: we’re Amazon Associates, but Amazon ran our life well before we got that title. Subscribe & Save is life.) Amazon provides several options for online registries, including wedding registries, and you can even include links to items that aren’t sold by Amazon. Another great option is Zola, a new registry service that is rapidly gaining in popularity.
Get creative. Want to register for something other than gifts? There are all sorts of options out there! You can register for a honeymoon with Honeyfund, or for a down payment on a home. You could even create a 529 savings plan for yourself or someone else and register for that!
Pay it forward. Another option for the bride who has it all, or doesn’t want any more than she already has, is to ask for charitable donations in lieu of wedding gifts. Pick your favorite cause (or a few of them), and link to their donation site on your wedding website. Engaged couple Poonam and Nishkaam set a “Million Meals” goal as part of their ideal wedding, and we are cheering them on!
There you have it, readers! Which option do you prefer, or do you have another idea we missed? Send us a note on our contact form or via Twitter and let us know!