Does My Mehndi Need to Match?

Occasionally we have brides ask us whether their mehendi on their hands (and feet) needs to match. Meaning, if you have a design on your left hand, does your right hand need to mirror that design?

This is such an easy answer that we almost feel silly for writing the post: No. Really, this whole thing is up to you.

Aesthetically, of course, you might want to stick with one type of design on your palms or arms, so there is some continuity there and the pictures look nice. For example, look at this bride’s arms:


Different designs on her hands, but similar in styles, and the finishing touch on her forearms has a Moroccan feel.

Some people prefer to have designs painted all the way to their fingertips, while others might like the final segment of their fingertips to be a solid red, which is more traditional. Generally, if you’re going for solid red, you either want to do both hands or neither, because it’s a pretty stark contrast to the floral and paisleys that otherwise decorate your fingertips.

One trend in mehndi designs from the past few years has been having a bride and groom’s face drawn on either hand, so your hands together make an image of the happy couple facing one another. More recently, we’ve seen this evolve into images of a favorite pet (Rover¬†can be at your wedding!) or an object that feels representative of the couple’s life together, like airplanes for a couple who loves to travel.

In other words, this is totally up to you! Pick one design for both hands (or both feet), or choose different ones. It’s going to look great either way, and this is YOUR special day!