Including Your Dog In Your Indian Wedding

We’ve all seen the adorable photos of Fido trotting down the aisle wearing a doggie tuxedo and acting as ring bearer for his humans. And if you have a beloved pet of your own, the idea has probably crossed your mind at least once: should I incorporate Fluffy into our Indian wedding ceremony? We’re not here to make up your mind for you, but here are some things you might consider as you start the planning process.

(1) Agni. 

Hindu weddings require the presence of Agni, a deity who witnesses your wedding by serving as the fire at the center of it all. How does dear Rover do around an open flame? If your ball of fur whimpers and scampers away at the sight of a birthday candle, perhaps inviting that four-legged friend to participate in your nuptials isn’t the best idea.

(2) Dhol. 

Will your groom’s baraat include a dhol or loud music? Does your dog shy away from fireworks and loud parties? Perhaps this is not the time to require your beloved pet to brave the sound of drums and excited cheers from your family and friends, just so Spot can participate in your wedding.

(3) Mischief. 

Even if your dog is immune to loud noises and doesn’t flinch near flames, it’s worth taking a step back to consider whether your dog has a mischievous side that might interfere with their role in your wedding. Does Rufus enjoy snacking on jalebi and the other Indian treats that you’ll have on display in the back of the room? Is your ceremony outdoors near a body of water, perhaps one that is full of ducks or geese? Does your dog howl at every passing siren within a two mile radius?

(4) Alternatives. 

Even if Clifford isn’t the best suited to actually participate in your Indian wedding, that doesn’t mean he can’t be a part of your special weekend in some other way. You have a professional photographer booked for a few days, right? Have them snap some photos with your fur baby while you’re dressed up but before the crowds descend upon you to celebrate your happy occasion. Frame some nice family photos, including pictures of you and your pup, for a welcome table at your reception. Commission sugar cookies in your dog’s likeness as wedding favors for your guests. The sky is the limit!

What do you say, readers? Have you ever seen an Indian wedding that includes a dog as part of festivities? What worked? What didn’t? Do you have any other ideas for how to include a beloved pet in your Indian wedding without endangering the whole event? Drop us a note to let us know!