Rainy Wedding Planning Tips

Alanis Morissette might have gotten it wrong when she classified “rain on your wedding day” as ironic, but she sure hit a nerve with anyone who’s gotten married on a rainy day. All of that time, all of that money, all of that planning . . . and then it rains. Of course outdoor weddings are most at risk of total ruin, but even indoor weddings have special things to consider. What if you have naturally curly hair and want a blowout for your big day? What about outdoor photos to capture natural light? What about all of that expensive silk everyone is wearing? What about the baraat?!

Never fear, we have some planning tips to help you navigate the anxiety that a rainy weather forecast brings for engaged couples everywhere.

Tip 1: Bring an umbrella. Maybe a few of them. You might need them to get from one place to another, like from your car to the reception hall. You might also want them for pictures, so pick a good one! We recommend a clear version for maximum light in photos, or a heart-shaped one for romance. Actually, get both – you might need multiple umbrellas at once.


Tip 2: Allot time for a complete hair and makeup reset between events. You might think that a hair and makeup touchup between your ceremony and reception is a waste of time and money. Sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong. You might need only a brief touchup, but if something catastrophic happens (e.g., RAIN), you will appreciate the extra time. You can also use the time for valuable things, like eating or napping or basking in the glory of your wedding day. Make sure you have a blow dryer, just in case.

Tip 3: Bring extra supplies. Hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, and makeup wipes are all a good idea to have on hand.


Tip 4: Rain boots are cute when necessary! No, you probably won’t wear rain boots as your wedding day shoes. You’ll probably wear something sparkly and delicate that shows off your henna designs on your feet. But sparkly and delicate shoes don’t hold up well in mud. So consider rain boots! Hunter wellies are a classic, and they photograph well.

Tip 5: Waterproof mascara is a lifesaver. Heck, even if it doesn’t rain you’ll probably want to wear some. Weddings come with tears, occasional sweat, and usually flowers or rice or both being thrown at your face. Now is not the time to toy with regular mascara.

If your wedding day is rainy, embrace it! Rain can make for killer photo opportunities, especially if you’re not afraid to get out in the weather. Just be prepared with your arsenal of products, and make sure you have a rain plan if you have an outdoor wedding.


Have you ever wondered how you’re going to fasten a 15 lb. dupatta to your head for your Indian wedding ceremony?

The ornate, heavy, intricately decorated chunni is beautiful to look at in a lehngha showroom, but when the rubber hits the road (or the silk hits the hair), you might start to second-guess your choice of outfit.

No worries, bride-to-be! Here’s the secret:

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