Looking Back: Advice from Sudhir

Especially with big Indian weddings, it’s hard to spend time with, let alone greet, all of your guests. On top of that, many of the guests you may not know or recognize because the relationship is more with your parents than you. Looking back, I wish I had done a better job of going through our guest list and at least trying to make sure I knew something about everyone who was at our wedding. I also wish I had made the effort to spend a little more “quality time” with our close friends. — Sudhir

Looking Back: Advice from Nina

Whether you’re wedding planning with your parents, or with your future in-laws, pick your battles. No matter who is footing the bill, you’re all in this together, which means that you’ll have to find balance between guest lists and decor and photographers and ceremonies. If your mother insists upon serving a particular dessert at the sangeet because that’s how her family has always done it, let her have that win — you can use it as leverage when she starts to fight you on the color of your shoes or the size of your bridal party.